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Thursday December 14th:  

Who We Are    

Neighbors who want to keep the community friendly, looking good, and crime-free.  Our boundaries are 196th Street to Hollis Court Boulevard, from Jamaica Avenue to Hillside Avenue, as well as Whitehall Terrace from Francis Lewis Boulevard to the Clearview Expressway.  We represent  2,800 single family dwellings, plus apartment buildings and garden apartment complexes.  Ours is an interesting, very heterogeneous neighborhood, where dozens of languages are spoken and we are a community that welcomes and celebrates diversity.    

What We Do     

We are very “hands-on.”  We write lots of letters and make many phone calls to  our elected officials, our community boards and/or our police precincts, but just as often we get out there and do the job ourselves.  Some of our projects have included clean-up of some perennial problem areas, an on-going anti-graffiti war, and detailed studies of illegal traffic flow which have documented the need for enforcement and/or structural changes.  

Some of our recent accomplishments:  At our request, traffictraffic_light_green_sm_wht.gif lights have been installed at 204th and 205th Streets and Hillside Avenue, and at 93rd Avenue and Francis Lewis Boulevard.  The D.O.T. has completed Phase I of a project we requested - that of modifying the Hillside Avenue exit from the Grand Central Parkway so that traffic can go straight onto Hollis Court or turn left onto Hillside Avenue.  Phase I entailed installation of heavy barriers which extend for one block.  We have two community gardens on sites where dumping had been a problem.  We also maintain Hillside Avenue from 191st Street to 212th Street and Jamaica Avenue from Francis Lewis Boulevard to Hollis Court Boulevard, graffiti free.  

Still Working On 

Repair of sunken man-holes on major traffic routes, enforcement of illegal truck traffic on Hollis Court and 207th Street, illegal car repair shops and illegal housing conversions in our neighborhood.  

What We Need  

Enthusiastic members to recruit new people, committee chairpersons,   volunteers for work projects, people willing to help form block associations, and members to run for office or be trustees of the organizations.  

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