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Queens Pride House

The Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Queens

About Us

Queens Pride House is The Lesbian & Gay Community Center of Queens County. Our mission is to empower lesiban, gay, bisexual, and transgender Queens residents by providing them with a safe space where they can interact with other members of the community, access information and referrals for legal, medical, mental health, social service, and family counseling needs, become educated about issues of concern to the general LGBT community and to those who live in Queens specifically. In addition to empowering people in the community by providing them with this space and these services in our space, we aim to empower such people by educating the whole Queens community about the needs of LGBT Queens residents, by advocating for LGBT Queens residents on the city and state level, and by developing relationships with other providers who may assist us in our attempt to empower such people. 

Charles Ober President
Daniel Castellanos Vice President
Pauline Park Secretary
Rebecca Spence Member at Large
Raymond Penko Executive Director

For further information contact

Raymond Penko
67-03 Woodside Avenue
Woodside, New York 11377