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In an effort to provide our community with options when reporting criminal activity, Senator Malcolm Smith along with the 103rd, 105th & 113th Precincts & Community Councils, Community Boards 12 & 13 & Block/Civic Associations have formed a task force "Operation Safe Southeast Queens" "We are going to tell".   Our Focus is to identify and stop/close and get rid of those areas that generate crime activity in our community.  This initiative started by Senator Malcolm Smith in light of the criminal activity that cause us all fear, where there should be NONE.  We meet on a regular basis and discuss progress in reported areas and address newly reported ones.


The phone numbers for our election officials is as follows: Senator Malcolm Smith (718-528-4290) Assembly Member William Scarborough (718-657-5312) Assembly Member Vivian Cook (718-322-3975) Council member Leroy Comrie (718-776-3700).  Ask for the person that is the OSSEQ's Representative. 


We encourage callers to get as MUCH information as safely possible and if they are uncomfortable in calling the police, please call the above elected Officials.  This is for illegal activities and should there be an emergency, 911 is still to be used.  For further information please call Senator Malcolm Smith's office or the Community Affairs Office at 103rd Pct. 718-657-8195 or 105th Pct. 718-776-9176 or the 113th Pct. 718-712-1627.  Together we CAN and WILL make a difference