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North Bellerose Civic Association

Next Meeting

Wednesday December 6th, 7:00 p.m. sharp

Guest speakers will be Queens Parks Commissioner Dorothy Lewandowski, and 105 Precinct Commanding Officer Steven Haynes

Up Coming Meetings

March7, April 11, May2, June 6


Irwin Altman M.S. 172 Beacon School, 81-14 257th Street

Bring a Neighbor!

For further information contact Corey Bearak at 
 82-35 251st Street
 Bellerose, NY 11426
 (718) 343-6779

or send email to


Notes from our President

 Spring is almost over but the Parks Dept. ( kind of late) in their infinite wisdom are planting trees in our area. I guess, better late then never. Parks will continue planting trees on Union Turnpike from Winchester Blvd. to Cross Island Parkway. The Commercial block of Union Turnpike between 248 and 249th Street will also be planted at this time. Hopefully the trees will survive the summer. In the fall the center divider of Union Turnpike will be planted as the program continues. This should make a great improvement in our area. Let's all pitch in and take good care of the young trees.
 The H.S. of Teaching on the Glen Oaks Campus wanted to Thank all the seniors of our area for their support. The students and staff organized ''Senior Prom day'' at the school, with food, music, dancing and prizes.
Our guest speaker will be a representative from the YMCA who will give out guest passes and other goodies.
     - Bruno DeFranceschi
Meetings.  The NBCA meets at 7:00 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month at the Irwin Altman Beacon School, M.S. 172, 81-14 257th Street (except Holidays, July, August and, if determined by the members at the June meeting, January and February meetings can be deferred.).  The NBCA strongly urges members and residents to attend our meetings.  If you have a problem,  present it in person at one of our meetings.  Come down and join your neighbors for a civic and social get-together. Next meetings: Sept. 14; Skip Oct. do to holiday and school schedules, Nov. 2, Dec. 7 (holiday collation); 2006: Skip Jan. & Feb.; Mar. 1, Apr. 5; May 3 (nominations); and June 7 (elections).
 NBCA Officers (2004-2005)
President: Bruno DeFranceschi 1st Vice President:Corey Bearak, Esq.
Treasurer: Margaret Fanelli     2nd Vice President:  Patricia Klansko
Corr. Secretary: Marguery Muster  3rd Vice President:  
Rec. Secretary: Josephine Lavacca  Sergeant At-Arms:  Frank Ujlaky
Queens Civic Congress/Community Board 13:  Corey Bearak
105th Precinct Council: Frank Ujlaky
Health and Sanitation Committee Chair: Gregory Hansen
The Member's Corner
1- Need a ping pong table? You can get one at a bargain price. Call Margaret 718 343-6670. M.F.
2- The officers of the NBCA wish to thank the Principal Nigel Pugh,& Ms. E. Turner, the staff and students of the HS school for the ''Senior prom day''. -NBCA
3-Congratulations to Erin Hansen who enters St John's University in September-BLD
4- Vin - Etching at 105th Pct. on Auto Glass, will continue every other Monday until further notice. Hours 4:00 P.M. TO 8:00 P.M. Contact Gino Lopresti at 718 776-9207.
top l to r: Linda Gritsch, Ellen Turner and members of NBCA at the (Glen Oaks campus) high school "senior prom".

members of NBCA at the (Glen Oaks campus) high school "senior prom".

May  Meeting Highlights:
*From 248th Street to cityline The Parks dept. will plant trees June 1. Next autumn, the center medians will also have new treesl.
*The NBCA seeks the new R2A zoning to shore up predominantly single-family areas and halt super-sized "McMansions" that dwarf surrounding homes.
*Frank Ujlaky presented the slate for officers nominated  for election in June.
*The NBCA is addressing the graffiti unhealthy conditions in the row of Union Turnpike stores between 248th and 249th Streets (north side). We are working with Community Board 13, the Health and Sanitation Depts.
*Guest Speaker Bruce Smith, Director of Protective Services, NYC HRA,discussed how his unit helps individuals 18 and above, and seniors, with mental or physical impairment and who cannot meet requirements for basic needs. A case would go to the social worker. HRA would visit the house and determine whether or not the individual is eligible.  If someone is in danger, the HRA is bound by law to help those individuals with housing, home care,and health care.  Also speaking were Mr. Levelle, Supervisor of HPD (Housing Preservation Development) and Ms. Tanissa Calhoun, Deputy Director of HPD.
*Ellen Turner, the Parent-Teacher Coordinator from the Glen Oaks Campus high school, kept NBCAers informed on its programs including the senior prom.
Students of H.S.at the "senior prom" they organized for the community
NBCA members, Mr.& Mrs. H. Arond at the "senior" prom.
Winner of dance contest Frank Ujlaky with Margaret Fanelli and NBCA members
Dance contest
 Dates to Remember
*Thurs., June 16, 8:00 p.m., Queens County-Line Democratic Assoc.,  Temple Sholom, 263-10 Union Turnpike.
*Thurs, June 23, SNAP Dinner Danceat Jericho Terrace - (718) 740-1500 for more information
*Mon., June 27, 7:30 p.m., Community Board 13, location to be announced

NBCA publishes NEWSBITS at least five times a year (every other month) generally excluding July and August. Items our members wish to include in NEWSBITS should be sent to the Editor at 82-35 251st Street , Bellerose , NY   11426 ; Email: Bearak@aol.com .

Lucy DiFranceschi & Rocky LeVacca at Little Neck Parkway clean up

NBCA re-painted the Cannon at Stein-Golde Square GreenStreets, 252nd Street & Union Turnpike

Union Turnpike Cross Island Parkway Overpass by bus stop

Assemblywoman Barbara Clark, Explorers, Lucy D., Charlie Farruggia (Floral Park), Angela and Mike Augugliaro (Queens Colony)

Little Neck Parkway (back yard fences paint over) 247th street kids and Howie

P.O. Shirley Kirkland, Charlie Farrugia, Assemblyman Mark Weprin, Capt. Dunn, Mike Castellano (Lost Community) & Mike Augugliaro (QueensColony)

                                     NBCA members Lucille, Lucy, Margaret and Josephine

Mike Augugliaro (Queens Colony) & Senator Padavan

The Ortoz Family at the cleanup

                                                          More Explores helping our community out.

                                                    Rocky Hill Civic folks cleanring the Winchester Malls

The Cannon before the paint over

Little Neck Parkway before the cleanup

About Us

The North Bellerose Civic Association (NBCA) participates in the Queens Civic Congress and plays a leading role in efforts to impose community input and review in the State's proposal for sale of land at the campus of Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. The NBCA has also taken lead roles in efforts to improve services, prevent cuts in mass transit (including the Q79), and prevent a break-up of Community School District 26. In addition, the NBCA has also been a voice for reforming the real property tax system which subsidizes absentee homeowners at the expense of "owner-occupiers". The civic covers between Hillside Avenue and Union Turnpike and Little Neck and Cross Island Parkways. It regularly sends representatives to Community Board 13 and the 105th Precinct Council.

Our Meetings

The NBCA meets on the first Wednesday of each month (except Holidays, July, August and, if determined by the members at the June meeting, January and February meetings can be deferred.). at 7:00 p.m. at the

 Irwin Altman Middle School 172

 81-12 257th Street

Bellerose, NY

The NBCA strongly urges members and residents to attend our meetings.  If you have a problem, take the opportunity to present it in person at one of our meetings.  Come down and join your neighbors for a civic and social get-together. 



President Bruno DeFrancheschi
First Vice President Corey B. Bearak, Esq.
Second Vice President Patricia Klansko
Third Vice President
Treasurer Margaret Fanelli
Secretary Marugery Muster
Seargent-at-Arms Frank Ujlaky
Delegate to Queens Civic Congress Corey B. Bearak, Esq.
Delegate to 105th Precinct Council Frank Ujlaky
Community Board 13 Corey B. Bearak, Esq
Health and Sanitation committee Chair Gregory Hansen

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