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103rd Precinct Community Council


About Us

We are an organization that brings the community and the Police Department together. We meet the second Tuesday of every month (except July & August) 7:00pm at 

St. Benedict The Moor, R.C. Church,

 171-17 Brinkerhoff (110)Avenue-Jamaica, NY 11433

Next meeting December 12


Our new Crime Prevention Officer is:  Officer Mary Lawrence
 We have a new Commander:  Deputy Inspector Michael Blake.

For further information: Community Affairs Office (718) 657-8195  or
Donna Clopton, President (718)291-6491 or (718) 264-4029

Up Coming Events

The Children’s Holiday Party will be held on Saturday, December 16, 2006 at Club Tobago-147-02 Liberty Ave., Jamaica, NY 11435. This party is for children ages three (3) to ten (10) years old only and will be held from 11:00am until 2:00pm. Children will be given tickets at the door. Tickets will be exchanged for a present from Santa Claus! Food, entertainment and activities provided for a really great party! All children (groups) must be accompanied by an adult/chaperon.

Message to All

The past weeks have been very difficult for many of us, our heartfelt sorrows went out to the family and friends of those hurt and Sean Bell killed on the morning of his wedding day. While this situation is a tragedy for all involved, we are hoping that everyone will keep their wits about them and wait for District Attorney Brown to complete his investigation and the facts to come out. Right now we have many speculations and lots of voices from outside this community. When these voices are long gone, those of us that live here are going nowhere and we want justice based on facts, not violence. While the officers that were involved in this shooting, are not from the 103rd Precinct, our precinct has often been the focus of one of these outside groups. We are concerned about our youth, often very impressionable and impulsive. We really don’t want anymore bloodshed or excuses for more bloodshed. In this community we have strived and worked towards the present solid working relationship we now have with the local police. Should problems arise, we revel in the fact that we now come together to rectify them. Commissioner Kelly is one of the best Police Commissioners that we have had in the past few years! He reaches out to the various communities and actually listens to our suggestions and problems. District Attorney Richard Brown is someone that demonstrates that he cares about the communities in which he serves, he, too, has ventured beyond his office to find out what his constituents think and what problems they experience. Lets work together in a positive way to make changes and to see that improvements are made in our communities. We do not blame the entire police department for what happened, we NEED law enforcement to serve and protect and they need our help. We also must work together to provide positive, productive and resourceful space for the youth in this community. As our logo says, "together, we can make a difference"

In our on-going effort, we must all practice Crime Prevention while attempting to maintain some normalcy in our lives. The following Crime Prevention tips are meant to safeguard you on a day to day basis.


bulletHave your key ready before you get to the front door/make sure your entrance is well lighted.
bulletIf you live in an apartment, don’t be polite and hold the lobby door open for a stranger who has been waiting.
bulletList only your last name and first initial in your mailbox.
bulletDon’t buzz someone inside unless you know them
bulletIf a stranger wants to use your phone for any kind of call from business to emergency, KEEP HIM OUT and YOU make the call for them! ANY problems or in doubt? CALL the POLICE!
bulletIF you arrive home and find your DOOR OPEN, DO NOT GO INSIDE, call the POLICE from a pay phone or neighbors house and ask them to meet you.
bulletDon’t get on the elevator with a stranger if your own good judgement warns you against it- need an excuse to avoid embarrassment say something like, "Oh I forgot my mail."
bulletWhen coming home late at night or any other time, if a motorist bothers you while walking, turn around and walk in the opposite direction of the car. Do this as often as necessary and he should get discouraged.
bulletIf you are driving, keep windows rolled up, except for a small, ventilation space and KEEP your doors locked!

The above are but a few crime prevention tips obtained from Crime Prevention Section of the NYPD website. Please make an attempt to reach your Crime Prevention Officer at the 103rd Pct. For further information and more crime prevention tips. Call (718)657-8195 or 8194.

We wish each and everyone of you a safe, Healthy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


BICYCLE REGISTRATION: We are encouraging the youth to register their bikes (a deterrent towards theft) in addition we are encouraging bicycle safety by giving free helmets to those who register their bikes. Please call our Crime Prevention Officer Mary Lawrence - 718-657-8195 for more information.



Operation Safe Southeast Queens

In an effort to provide this community with options when reporting criminal activity, Senator Malcolm Smith along with the 103rd, 105th & 113th Precincts & Community Councils, Community Boards 12 & 13 & Block/Civic Associations have formed a task force "Operation Safe Southeast Queens" "We are going to tell". 
The citizens are given the phone numbers of 4 elected officials: Congressman Meeks (718-949-5600) Senator Malcolm Smith (718-291-9097) Assemblywoman Vivian Cook (718-322-3975) Councilmember Leroy Comrie (718-776-3700)
We are aiming to close some of the "hot spots" in and around the area, in light of the recent shootings/murders we are encouraging callers to get as MUCH information as safely possible and if they are uncomfortable in calling the police, please call the above elected Officials.  This is for illegal activities and should there be an emergency 911 is still to be used.  For further information please call Detective Logan (103rd Pct.) or Senator Malcolm Smith's office.
Donna Clopton, Pres. 103rd Pct. C.C.


Youth Explorer Program

Open to young men and woman between 14 and 21 years of age. All members are required to maintain at least a C average in school. If you are interested in the exciting rewarding world of law enforcement and want to see first hand what it's like to be a NYC police officer contact Detective Al Stevens Law Enforcement Explorer advisor 718 657-8198.

Precinct Crime Statistics

To view the crime statistics for the 103rd precinct as well as other crime statistics (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) 

Executive Board

President  Donna Clopton
1st Vice President Woodrow Washington
2nd Vice President Ola Hamilton
3rd Vice President Irving Hicks
Recording Secretary Florence Simmons
Treasurer Gina Mendoza
Financial Secretary Theodore Manigault Jr. 
Corresponding Secretary Lois Ellis 
Asst Secretary/Education Chairperson Edward Isaac
Sgt. At Arms  John Miner 


For further information contact

Donna Clopton, President
 168-02 91st Ave.
Jamaica, New York 11432
(718)291-6491 or (718)657-8195

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