29th Assembly District


Member PhotoWilliam Scarborough, a Democrat, represents the 29th District in Queens County. Having spent most of his life in the same district that he now represents, Mr. Scarborough knows very well the nature of its diverse communities. William Scarborough was raised in Jamaica, Queens, and has since lived in St. Albans and Rosedale, where he attended local schools. Graduating from Public School 140, Shimer J.H.S. 142, and Andrew Jackson High School, he is also a graduate of Queens College of the City University of New York, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science.

Assemblyman Scarborough has an extensive background in community involvement. He was District Manager of Community Board 12, where he coordinated and monitored the delivery of municipal services to residents of the Community Board. During his tenure as District Manager, he was also Chairman of the Board's Human Services Cabinet, increasing the availability of primary health care in the area.

He served as Chairman of Area Policy Board 12 and was a member from 1983-1994. During his chairmanship, his duties included allocating funds of half a million dollars annually to community-based programs to provide housing, job training, senior citizen services, education and tutorial services, and many other types of services to residents below the poverty line.

Assemblyman Scarborough's political career began when he was first elected as a member to Community School Board 28. He assumed and shared responsibility for over 22 elementary and middle schools with a budget of approximately $30 million. His functions included setting educational policy, determining curriculum, selecting principals and countless other duties in the pursuit of quality education for their youth.

Assemblyman Scarborough has membership and affiliations in a number of organizations and committees. He has also received numerous awards and honors commending him for his dedicated service to the community.

Assemblyman Scarborough was elected to office in 1994. During his tenure, Mr. Scarborough has focused his efforts in the areas of health care, education, and youth services. He has funded and sponsored many education and youth programs. Among them is the Julius Erving Center for Physical Culture in St. Albans, an extended-day youth program modeled after the nationally recognized Jackie Robinson Center in Brooklyn. He has been active in the struggle to maintain the public hospital system in New York City, and to expand access to quality health care. Among the Assemblyman's legislative bills that were signed into law was a bill protecting telephone customers from 900 toll call abuses, and a bill making New York State the first state in the nation to establish a day commemorating the contributions of Native Americans. He also was a sponsor of bills protecting HMO customers, a bill to create a permanent summer jobs program, bills increasing penalties for child abuse, and bills reducing air and noise pollution around New York City's two major airports.

Assemblyman Scarborough Chairs the Legislative Commission on Skills Development and Career Education, which deals with issues of workforce development in New York State. Assemblyman Scarborough is also Chair of the Subcommittee on Schools and Energy. He also served on the Assembly Welfare Reform Task Force and the Assembly Telecommunication Task Force.

Standing Committee Assignments 2001: Banks; Corporations, Authorities and Commissions; Correction; Education; Energy.

William Scarborough, Dem. 28,254; Lib. 420; Wor. 619
William J. Smith, Ind. 472