Assembly Member Barbara Clark

We Can’t Take “No” For an Answer When Life Is At Stake

(Traffic Light Needed at 97th Ave. & Springfield Blvd.)  

My 16-year struggle to get pothole-ridden Springfield Boulevard reconstructed has finally culminated in wider, smoother roadways.  I now ask you to join me in the push to get a traffic light installed on 97th Ave. & Springfield Blvd.   

In response to numerous requests, the NYC Dept. of Transportation has conducted a series of traffic studies and has repeatedly concluded that no traffic light is warranted.  Regardless of what the studies say, those of us who use Antun’s and have to cross that busy street know that the only way to ensure safety is to have a traffic light installed.  Even before reconstruction enhanced traffic flow, one of our seniors, Ruth Fuller, president of the Alpha Phi Alpha seniors group, was struck by a car at that intersection.  Ms. Fuller has gone through many long months of confinement and rehabilitation and we don’t want another accident like that to happen again.  

Call 311 to complain about how difficult and dangerous it is to cross the street at this high-traffic intersection.  This part of Springfield Blvd. serves many of our communities and is used by people who visit Antun’s catering hall, commute on the LIRR, and catch buses at the nearby hub.  Please remember to keep Ms. Fuller in your prayers.  And join me in demanding a traffic light before another tragic accident occurs. 

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