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State Senator Malcolm Smith

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State Senator Malcolm Smith represents the 14th Senatorial District, which includes the communities of St. Albans, Laurelton, Cambria Heights, Springfield Gardens, and the Rockaways.  He was elected to serve out the unfinished term of the now Judge Alton Waldon.  He is presently, the nominee of the Democratic Party for this November's election. 

His senate committee assignments are Veterans & Military Affairs (ranking democratic member), Alcoholism & Drug Abuse, Cities, Civil Services & Pensions, Environmental Conservation, Judiciary, Racing, Gaming & Wagering.

His Accomplishments:

As soon as he was elected, he went right to work representing the people of his district and thus far has been instrumental in bringing important issues to the forefront and having them resolved.   

- By first writing to the governor, then organizing meetings with state and city agencies, and informing the press, he has forced them to respond and find solutions for the clean up of the toxic waste under ground in our communities.

 - After his July meeting with Bauer, MTA president, he has received their written committment to improve and repair the Hollis, Rosedale and St. Alban's stations. 

 - He is working diligently with the Peter Addabo Health Center in the Rockaways to assure that funding is put in place for a new facility and expanded services.

-  Through his small allotment as a junior Senator, he was able to provide funds for 32 community organizations.

- He has attended dozens of civic organization meetings to speak and hear concerns from the residents.

- In his first newsletter, he surveyed to get their opinions on critical issues in the district (watch this website for survey results).

- He held a public hearing, graciously hosted at York College,  concerning ways to increase contracts for local business enterprises in the field of construction and related services.


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You can e-mail Senator Smith at masmith@senate.state.ny.us

or contact him at

New York Office

205-19 Linden Blvd

St. Albans NY 11412 

718 528-4290 fax 718 528-4898 

Albany Office

Room 508 LOB 

Albany NY 12247

518 455-2195 Fax 518 426-6805